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Clean Energy Solutions

Clean Energy Solutions will power our economy forward, put Washingtonians to work, and reduce climate pollution.

2013 Environmental Priority

Clean Energy Solutions will power our economy forward, put Washingtonians to work, and reduce climate pollution.

Washington has an opportunity to build our economy and create jobs that can’t be outsourced, whileClean Energy Solutions, Pic 1  reducing the pollution responsible for global warming. But right now, neighboring states and global competitors with stronger climate and energy policies are forging ahead without us. By accelerating our clean energy transition, we can drive local job growth, build healthier, more prosperous communities and address the climate crisis. And, by sending less of our paychecks to oil and coal companies, we can keep those energy dollars circulating through our state’s economy.

Reducing Climate Pollution

Washington is not on track to meet its commitments to reduce climate pollution and it is costing us. 2012 was the hottest year on record and both our state and country are experiencing dangerous and expensive climate impacts like droughts, forest fires exacerbated by extreme heat, and superstorms. Climate and energy policy will advance Washington’s clean energy investment and help free families and businesses from the economic dead weight of fossil fuel dependence. Washington needs to take smart action and evaluate the best ways to accelerate the transition to clean energy, including assessing approaches to putting a price on carbon pollution that have been successful elsewhere.

Stop Giveaways to Dirty Fuels

Currently, Washington State gives away tens of millions of state dollars each year to out-of-state oil companies via a little-known tax loophole. It’s time to hold polluters accountable for the pollution they put into Clean Energy Solutions, Pic 2our air and water, not support them with public funds that should be focused on education and other community investments that support strong families here at home. We need to close the fossil fuel loophole.

Accelerate Solutions

We should promote smart partnerships between government and business to develop the technologies and products that will reduce our pollution, power our state economy and further our state’s innovation leadership. To do that, our state needs to move smart policies forward that both cut energy waste and continue to develop our own, local clean energy sources. Most immediately, we can make our appliances more energy efficient and make solar energy more available.

By doing the smart and responsible thing now, we help rebuild our economy, cut climate pollution and ensure our legacy is a cleaner, healthier and safer future for our children.

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