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2008 Press Clips

These are the press clips from 2008

Washington Conservation Voters press clips from 2008.

Environmental lobby sets good priorities
December 18, 2008
The Olympian
Environmentalists in this state have learned that they can have more influence if they pool their resources and unite behind a handful of top legislative priorities. It's a strategy they've used since 2003, and as a result they can point to multiple achievements that include the all-out effort to clean up Puget Sound, legislation to phase out toxic flame retardants in certain consumer products, the promotion of biofuel technology and increased use of clean fuels and vehicles.
Goldmark declares victory in lands-commissioner race
November 07, 2008
Seattle Times
Goldmark declared victory Thursday night, shortly after The Associated Press said Goldmark's 2 percentage-point lead was insurmountable as Sutherland fell further behind in King County.
Goldmark slightly ahead
November 05, 2008
Seattle Post Intelligencer
Democrat Peter Goldmark is gaining a slight edge over incumbent Republican state Lands Commissioner Doug Sutherland, gaining 50.53 percent of the statewide vote compared to Sutherland's 49.47 percent, with leads in King, Snohomish, Jefferson, Cowlitz, Okanogan, Spokane and Whatcom counties.
Gregoire triumphs as close race fails to materialize
November 05, 2008
Seattle Post Intelligencer
Gov. Chris Gregoire won her re-election bid Tuesday night with solid support from Democratic voters who turned out in droves to support President-elect Barack Obama. Shortly before noon on Wednesday, Rossi called to congratulate Gregoire then held a press conference in Bellevue to concede.
Seattle Times endorses Peter Goldmark
October 20, 2008
The Seattle Times
Democratic challenger Peter Goldmark, an Okanogan rancher with a doctorate in molecular biology and new strains of wheat to his credit, is the right candidate to infuse oversight of state trust lands with an appreciation for the role of science.
Op-Ed: Peter Goldmark for lands commissioner
October 16, 2008
Seattle Post-Intelligencer
Think globally, vote locally. When it comes to the challenge that is likely to define the 21st century, fighting climate change and ending our dependence on fossil fuels, we can take a step in the right direction by electing Peter Goldmark as commissioner of public lands.
Who would be a 'greener' governor?
October 15, 2008
Seattle Post Intelligencer
When it comes to environmental issues, voters in Washington's gubernatorial race have a clearcut choice. "A lot of voters in Washington don't know the stark difference between the two candidates when it comes to the environment," said Sudha Nandagopal, spokeswoman for Washington Conservation Voters, a nonpartisan group that rated Rossi based on his votes as a state senator. "This is what we do -- we keep score. (Rossi) had a 32 percent voting record (for) the environment, and that, frankly, isn't good enough."
Yakima Herald endorses Peter Goldmark
October 14, 2008
Yakima Herald
After careful consideration, this is a race in which we're going to call for new blood and direction. The lands commissioner heads up the important state Department of Natural Resources and we'll back Goldmark, who we would like to see take the agency into a new era.
Joel Connelly Blogs about our Annual Breakfast
October 14, 2008
Seattle Post Intelligencer
Although Washington Conservation Voters has jettisoned the longtime name of its annual breakfast - "Wake Up for the Environment" - Gov. Chris Gregoire woke up an early Tuesday morning crowd at The Westin with the most focused speech of her reelection campaign.
HERALD ENDORSEMENT Goldmark offers unique skills to public lands post
October 12, 2008
This year, though, Okanogan rancher and scientist Peter Goldmark offers a rare opportunity to bring a fresh, hands-on perspective to land management that represents improvement, even over the capable Sutherland. In a close call, our nod goes to Goldmark. Goldmark's background seems tailor-made for this office.
Rossi linked to builder fundraising
October 01, 2008
Seattle Post Intelligencer
OLYMPIA -- Documents released Tuesday tie Republican gubernatorial candidate Dino Rossi to a fundraising campaign that was recently deemed illegal by the state attorney general.
Rossi's friends, funders - the BIAW - broke the law
September 16, 2008
Seattle Post-Intelligencer
The Public Disclosure Commission has determined that one of the state's most politically aggressive industry groups violated campaign finance law while amassing its multimillion-dollar campaign fund. The Building Industry Association of Washington has spent more than $2 million through its political action committee ChangePAC in an effort to oust Democratic Gov. Chris Gregoire.
Sound Transit's light rail plan may cut traffic 30%, says study
September 11, 2008
The Seattle Post-Intelligencer
Sound Transit's proposed $22 billion light rail expansion plan could cut car and truck travel as much as 30 percent, reduce carbon dioxide pollution by nearly 100,000 tons a year and save consumers $41 million annually in reduced fuel costs if voters approve the plan and commuters switch to transit, according to a new study.
Environmental Community United in Support of Mass Transit Now
September 11, 2008
The Stranger
This year's light-rail expansion measure, Proposition 1, shares little more than a name with last year's roads and transit ballot proposal.
Natural resources divide donors in state race
September 03, 2008
The Seattle Times
The contest for state commissioner of public lands is shaping up as Democrats against forest-product companies, environmentalists against forest-product companies, and Seattleites against forest-product companies. Incumbent Republican Doug Sutherland draws heavily from forest-products, construction, development and mining interests; 126 of his 200 biggest donations come from companies and people in those industries — with the vast majority from forest-product companies. Those 126 donations account for more than one-third of his total $468,000 in campaign cash.
Rossi's gas-tax rant detours from the facts
August 21, 2008
Seattle Times
Republican gubernatorial candidate Dino Rossi is running radio and TV ads that lambaste Gov. Christine Gregoire for doing precisely what our state needed to do. Raise the gas tax. Get a few transportation projects done. Help businesses and motorists get moving.
18th District race catches parties’ attention
August 07, 2008
The Columbian
A lively race is shaping up in the 18th District between Republican Jaime Herrera, the appointed incumbent in House Position 1, and Democrat VaNessa Duplessie, the public relations manager who is challenging her.
Carlyle in the 36th; White in the 46th
August 07, 2008
Seattle Times
Two open seats in solid Democratic Seattle neighborhoods have produced several good candidates for the Legislature this year, an election that provides the first test of the state's new top-two primary. Reuven Carlyle, Democrat, is the strongest candidate to fill the 36th District seat in north and northwest Seattle vacated by the Legislature's long-serving Rep. Helen Sommers.
Ranker stresses his experience in 40th District race
July 04, 2008
Bellingham Herald
Try to keep track of how many local-, state- and federally sanctioned committees San Juan County Councilman Kevin Ranker is on. Double-dog dare you. And good luck. Ranker, an ardent environmentalist who thinks local economies can thrive while still being green, is on so many organizations it'll make your head spin.
Pricey election fight pits 2 Dems
August 04, 2008
Seattle Times
John Burbank, a candidate for state representative, took a break from his campaign recently for an interview at a Starbucks in the 36th Legislative District. The Democrat took a sip from his strawberries and cream frappuccino before making a simple pledge: "I will not take corporate contributions."
Ranker maintains money lead, Henderson second, Van Luven third
August 01, 2008
Bellingham Herald
To start it off, I must tell you that the Washington state Public Disclosure Commission has updated their campaign contribution and expenditures database Web site and it is awesome. Very user friendly and easy to use.
State race for public lands chief could get rough
July 24, 2008
Seattle Post-Intelligencer
Peter Goldmark is a cattle rancher from Okanogan County with strong ties to the state's agricultural industry -- not the most obvious poster boy for environmental activism.
Hanging with Pierce County greenies
July 18, 2008
Tacoma News Tribune
The occasion was a sort of pep rally for Pierce Conservation Voters, the local division of Washington Conservation Voters – the coalition of environmental groups that bestows the official "green" endorsement for candidates in Washington.
Moms make climate change top priority
June 24, 2008
Seattle Post Intelligencer
My 3-year-old son and 5-year-old daughter can't vote. Nor can a million other kids across the state. So when we grownups cast our votes this fall, we're voting for our kids, too. That's why I'm interested in where candidates in Washington stand on a top priority for me as a mom and for our children's future: climate change. This summer and fall, as state legislative candidates are out knocking on doors, holding forums and participating in debates, I'll be letting them know how important action on climate change is to my family and me. I'll be taking my kids to those forums and debates to ask candidates where they stand on strengthening state policies to combat global warming.
A special interest tarnishes governor's race
June 10, 2008
Seattle Post Intelligencer
THE BUILDING INDUSTRY Association of Washington is a political equivalent of the Oakland Raiders in their roughhouse days: The BIAW delivers more and dirtier blind-side hits than a Raider cornerback. One difference: The Raiders were skilled and successful. The BIAW is living evidence that dirty play does not deliver success. If you've listened to drive-time radio in recent weeks, you've doubtless heard an anti-Gov. Chris Gregoire radio spot sponsored by an outfit called "ChangePAC." It's really the BIAW in disguise.
Maury Island/Glacier Fray Back as Election Issue
June 04, 2008
Seattle Weekly
Peter Goldmark is running for lands commissioner as someone who can relate to the struggles and sensibility of the eastern side of the state. And he fits the part. Goldmark's a rancher, rugged and mustachioed; more comfortable in jeans and boots than slacks and loafers. His campaign Web site displays him on horseback, comfortably sporting a cowboy hat. And if elected this fall, Goldmark would be the first in this statewide position to have cut his teeth on the drier side of the Cascades.
Washington Conservation Voters Endorse Peter Goldmark for Commissioner of Public Lands
May 21, 2008
The News Tribune
The campaign of Okanogan rancher Peter Goldmark for Commissioner of Public Lands gained more momentum yesterday with the endorsement of the Washington Conservation Voters, the political voice for the environment.
Gregoire, Rossi battle for eco-credentials
May 26, 2008
Seattle P-I
Campaigning out of a hybrid SUV that gets about 27 miles per gallon, Republican gubernatorial candidate Dino Rossi says that when it comes to the environment, he's more progressive than many voters might think.
Roundup: guv's race goes nasty, green
May 27, 2008
The Olympian
Gregoire won the endorsement of the Washington Conservation Voters for her work on global warming and other top environmental issues. But Rossi touts his transportation plan that includes tax incentives for buying hybrid cars, and he has traded in his traditional SUV for a hybrid version that gets 27 miles per gallon.
Campaign Trail: Voters league gives three endorsements
May 21, 2008
The Olympian
The Washington Conservation Voters has endorsed two candidates for statewide office, Republican incumbent Sam Reed for secretary of state and Democrat Peter Goldmark for state lands commissioner.
GOP Rep. Campbell wins environmental endorsement
May 28, 2008
The Olympian
Republican state Rep. Tom Campbell of Roy has won the “early endorsement” of Washington Conservation Voters. Campbell shepherded bills dealing with environmental toxics bills in this year’s legislative session.
Kitsap Commissioners Oppose Pit-to-Pier
May 08, 2008
Kitsap Sun
Kitsap County commissioners Josh Brown and Steve Bauer said during a forum Wednesday night that they will oppose the proposed pit-to-pier project in Jefferson County because of its potential effects on the water quality of Hood Canal.
NASCAR hot topic at forum
May 10, 2008
Central Kitsap Reporter
The Kitsap County Conservation Voters hosted its annual county commissioner’s forum Wednesday night, putting forth a series of questions addressing energy, parks, growth and a host of other related issues.
County helping construct climate-friendly economy
April 17, 2008
Bellingham Herald
Throughout Whatcom County, people are stepping up to the challenge of climate change. From the Whatcom County Courthouse and Bellingham City Hall to Western Washington University’s campus, from the BP refinery and Alcoa Intalco Works to local fields and homes, they will help Washington find answers to this threat to our economy, environment and quality of life.
EDITORIAL: Giving a Hand to Veterans and the Environment
April 04, 2008
The Kitsap Sun
Another upcoming boost for veterans, and for our environment, was promoted Thursday at Olympic College. The governor's husband, "First Mike" Gregoire and Rep. Larry Seaquist said the Veterans Conservation Corps program, expanding this fall to OC, is aimed at providing environmental job training for veterans. That's a "two-fer" for Gov. Chris Gregoire, who has made veterans and environmentally friendly jobs a priority in her administration.
Jobs added in Chehalis: Cardinal Glass expands to meet demand from solar industry
April 06, 2008
The Olympian
Economically hard-hit Lewis County is getting a boost in new jobs thanks to the solar energy industry. The Cardinal Glass plant in Chehalis will expand and more than double its payroll because the company has taken on tempering solar panels as a new business line. The process strengthens the panels, making them more durable.
Gregoire signs measure toughening restrictions on toxins in toys
April 02, 2008
Seattle Post-Intelligencer
"We in Washington are not going to wait to protect our children," Gregoire said before signing the bill. "The toys that pose a danger to our children are not welcome here in Washington state. But we must make sure we do not throw out the good with the bad toys." This legislation was advanced by the Washington environmental community.
Gregoire signs "toxic toys" bill, making Washington state's standards strictest in the nation
April 02, 2008
Seattle Times
Gov. Christine Gregoire signed the so-called "toxic toys" bill into law Tuesday, enacting the most stringent toy-safety standards in the nation. This bill was advanced by the Washington environmental community.
Washington State Debates Strict Bill on Child Products
April 01, 2008
New York Times
Gov. Christine Gregoire of Washington is expected to sign a measure on Tuesday that would give the state some of the toughest rules in the nation restricting toxic materials used in children’s products, though it was unclear just how broad the measure would be. The bill, called the Children’s Safe Products Act, addresses the use of lead, cadmium, phthalates and other materials.
Legislature approves four earth-friendly bills
March 18, 2008
The Olympian
"Although some fell short of the original proposals, in all cases they create a good foundation to build for the future," Clifford Traisman, state lobbyist for the Washington Environmental Council and Washington Conservation Voters, said of the four environmental priorities.
Climate Change Bill the Latest Victory for Bainbridge Senator Phil Rockefeller
March 13, 2008
Kitsap Sun
The state will soon begin working on a plan that could reduce greenhouse gas emissions back to 1990 levels over the next few decades. Near the heart of it all was Democrat Phil Rockefeller of Bainbridge Island. Despite some critics — and controversy that inevitably makes the environment a partisan topic — he has become one of the Senate's leaders on climate change issues.
Senate OKs nation's strictest toy safety rules
March 07, 2008
Seattle Post-Intelligencer
The legislation dramatically reduces the amount of lead, cadmium and plasticizing chemicals called phthalates allowed in children's products made and sold in the state. The chemicals can cause developmental problems, and are regulated by weak federal standards, if any at all.
WA Legislature passes climate change blueprint
March 06, 2008
The Olympian
"This bill is a great combination of doing the right thing by the environment and doing the right thing by the economy." - Jay Manning, director of the state Department of Economy
Jim Dunn: He isn't done yet
February 21, 2008
The Columbian
OLYMPIA — State Rep. Jim Dunn is wearing one of his loudest ties — a mélange of green leaves and yellow and orange ribbons that he ordered off the Internet — as he strolls into his office on the fourth floor of the John O’Brien Building.
WA Lawmakers See Green
January 23, 2008
Public News Service
Olympia, WA – If things look a little "greener" in Olympia today, it may be because of the hundreds of people visiting the State Capitol to show their support for environmental legislation. Some 24 groups from around the state are combining their efforts. This year, they've chosen four priorities that all relate to climate change, from using local produce in schools and food banks, to encouraging "green" jobs and industries. Clifford Traisman, of Washington Conservation Voters, says lawmakers could get all of it done this session for a bargain price.
Reichert Up, McCain Down
February 22, 2008
Seattle Post-Intelligencer
Rep. Dave Reichert, R-Wash., scored 85 out of 100 in the League of Conservation Voters' scorecard for the first year since 1994 in which Democrats have controlled both houses of Congress.
Bill orders firm steps to make state 'greener'
February 19, 2008
Seattle Post-Intelligencer
After last-minute, closed-door deal-making that included arm-twisting by Gov. Chris Gregoire, the state House took a step Tuesday toward ushering in what some are calling the "sustainable revolution."
In our view: Taxpayer rip-off
February 24, 2008
The Columbian
On the 10th and the 25th of each month, the taxpayers of Washington pay Jim Dunn $1,720 for his services as a state representative, and bestow on him the medical coverage and other benefits that go to all legislators. In addition to his salary, Dunn gets from the taxpayers $100 per day for living expenses while the Legislature is in session.
Gregoire urges fast action on climate change measure
January 14, 2008
Seattle Post-Intelligencer
Governor Chris Gregoire is continuing her commitment to reduce global warming by asking the state Legislature to pass the Climate Action and Green Jobs bill --a 2008 environmental Priority. The Climate Action and Green Jobs bill will establish Washington as a strong leader in the clean energy economy, increase energy independence, create good new jobs and deliver a better future for our children. We're proud to stand with the Governor to make Washington a leader in tackling the challenge of global warming.
Steps to Make State Greener
February 20, 2008
Seattle Post-Intelligencer
After last-minute, closed-door deal-making that included arm-twisting by Gov. Chris Gregoire, the state House took a step Tuesday toward ushering in what some are calling the "sustainable revolution."
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