Washington Conservation Voters is the statewide political voice for the environment. We work to elect environmentally responsible candidates to state and local offices. Working with our allies in the community, we advocate for strong environmental policies and hold our elected officials accountable during the legislative session. Through our political work we are strengthening laws that safeguard the health of our communities, the beauty of our state and our economic future.

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Winning elections for the environment

Each year, Washington Conservation Voters supports pro-environment candidates during the election season. Since 2012, we’ve put thousands of volunteers on the ground in key districts and elected 80% of our endorsed environmental champions in 2012-2014, including the greenest governor in the nation – Jay Inslee.

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Holding our elected leaders accountable

Before every legislative election cycle, we release our Legislative Scorecard. This publication is the tool that sheds light on the effectiveness of legislators on environmental issues. With the Scorecard, we give voters the information that they need, thereby holding our elected officials accountable.

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Providing strategy and focus for the Washington environmental community

Each year we help lead the effort to bring together the environmental community and provide strategic guidance to select a focused agenda of three or four legislative Priorities. With our electoral expertise, knowledge of Olympia politics, and key relationships, Washington Conservation Voters is able to provide strategic input that helps ensure success for the Priorities. We work with our partner organizations to establish a broad base of support that helps ensure success.

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Addressing environmental justice and advancing racial equity in all we do

We are committed to expanding our reach to connect with all Washingtonians who have environmental values, as well as to identifying and dismantling institutional racism within our organizational practices, policies, and procedures. Incorporating environmental justice, racial justice, and equity into our organization and work is critical as we strengthen our relationships with partners who work on climate action, social justice, and equal access to voting in Washington state. Read more on our commitment to racial and environmental justice here.

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