Our brand represents our identity, reinforces our mission, and builds power for our work. In addition, it is a valuable piece of intellectual property. Please abide by our branding guidelines below.

Branding Guidelines

Our visual identity is vital to the public recognition that we provide to the leaders we endorse as environmental champions. These guidelines are designed to ensure the WCV logo and brand is used in a way that protects the value of our identity and does not misrepresent WCV or our endorsed candidates.

Download WCV’s Branding Guidelines.


WCV’s logo is used to fingerprint our identity for candidates and campaigns we support and is our primary brand. Designed with the Vigor typeface, it expresses our strength as an organization.

Download WCV’s Logo.
WCV Logo

Download WCV’s Logo alternate versions.
Choose the option below that best fits your needs. Logos for print are in the CMYK color space, and logos for web are in the RGB color space.

Classic – blue text on white background

Transparent – blue text with transparent background

White transparent – white text with transparent background

Inverse – white text on blue background