Campaigns & Coalitions

Evergreen Future is a Washington Conservation Voters campaign to push candidates and elected officials across the state to support bolder environmental action.

The Evergreen Future Platform is a package of actions leaders need to take in the next four years to tackle our biggest environmental challenges. It’s time to prioritize building a sustainable and resilient future for all.

To learn more, visit the Evergreen Future website.

The Environmental Priorities Coalition is a network of over 20 leading environmental groups in Washington state that influence policy at the state level. We know that you support protections for people’s health and this place we call home, and our elected leaders are starting to respond. Working together, we can create a model for the nation and a true legacy for generations to come.

To learn more, visit the Environmental Priorities Coalition website.

Washington continues to be one of the few states where there is a unique opportunity to lead the nation on climate action. That’s why WCV has stepped up to the plate to ensure our state seizes the opportunity to pass significant climate policy in the near future.

As climate action on the West Coast grows in strength and momentum, we’ve helped launch a coalition of businesses, organizations, and individuals committed to reducing global warming pollution, strengthening our economy, and making sure all Washington families have a safe, healthy future. The Climate Alliance for Jobs and Clean Energy is leading the way toward real climate policy, and we’re proud to be at the helm with partners from business, labor, faith, health, and community of color organizations.

To learn more, visit the Climate Alliance for Jobs and Clean Energy website.

The Pacific Northwest is at the epicenter of a fight over how long the fossil fuel era will persist in this nation. We are the ‘Thin Green Line’ that stands between fossil fuel deposits in the interior of North America and the world’s hungriest energy markets in Asia, as well as the bulls-eye for a planned onslaught of volatile oil moving by rail and tanker through our communities and over our waters.

Washington Conservation Voters has teamed up with several advocacy groups in Washington and Oregon to form the Stand Up To Oil campaign to respond to the immediate threat posed by Big Oil’s efforts to turn our region into a hub for the transportation of crude oil. We’re working with communities along the rail-lines to stop new coal and oil infrastructure projects, ensure that the existing oil moving through the region is being transported safely, and transition the Pacific Northwest off of fossil fuels.

To learn more, visit the Stand Up To Oil website.


At WCV, we win elections and hold elected officials accountable. Our partner organization, Washington Environmental Council, pushes the right environmental policies forward and advances protections for our state. As an advocacy organization, WEC has been driving positive change to solve Washington’s most critical environmental challenges since 1967.

We began our partnership more than 10 years ago, with a simple experiment – hiring a joint lobbyist to increase our presence in Olympia. Since then, it has grown by leaps and bounds with many milestones: the establishment of the Environmental Priorities Coalition, the passage of groundbreaking laws, and mobilizing Washingtonians around the pressing environmental issues of our time.

The connections between our two organizations continue to deepen. While each organization pursues its unique mission, Joan Crooks serves as a shared CEO for WCV and WEC.

To learn more, visit the Washington Environmental Council website.

Our national partner, the League of Conservation Voters, works to turn environmental values into national, state, and local priorities. They work with state partners across the nation to advocate for sound environmental laws and policies, hold elected officials accountable for their votes and actions, and elect pro-environmental candidates. LCV endorses the federal delegation and to protect our nation’s environment.

To learn more, visit the League of Conservation Voters website.