King County Council District 4

Over nearly three decades, WCV has worked to ensure our endorsement is a clear sign to voters that any candidate who has earned this designation will fight to ensure all people in Washington state have a healthy place to live, a strong economy, and a protected environment. We have a rigorous vetting process and don’t decide to endorse lightly. But in a handful of races there are two candidates who we feel have earned our support. In these races, both have shown they will work to live up to the values of WCV and our members.

Abigail Doerr has dedicated her career to climate and transit advocacy. She was the campaign manager for I-1631, Washington state’s ballot measure that would have passed the nation’s first fee on carbon pollution, as well as the campaign manager for Sound Transit 3, the largest public transportation expansion in state history. She has shown time and again that she lives her values championing environmental justice and will bring energy and focus to environmental solutions in office.

Councilmember Jeanne Kohl-Welles has been a long-time ally of environmental protection. Before joining the Council she served in the State Legislature as a consistent pro-environmental vote, and on the Council she’s continued advancing environmental issues like the county’s electric bus fleet and fossil fuel ban. Her long track record of environmental progress and support earned her our endorsement.

Voters would be served well by both of these candidates. To learn more about the candidates visit their websites: Jeanne Kohl-Welles: Abigail Doerr:

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