Here at Washington Conservation Voters, we work to elect environmentally responsible candidates across the state. Every year, we endorse candidates who we expect to be environmental champions as well as ballot measures that will protect and restore Washington’s environment.

Interested in learning how we select candidates and ballot measures to endorse? Read more about WCV’s endorsement process.

If you would like to be considered for an endorsement in 2019, please email

To learn more about a ballot measure or candidate, click on the blue linked title.

Ballot Measures

Bellingham Home Fund

Statewide Races

County races

Pierce County

County Council Position 7: Derek Young 

Whatcom County

Public Utility District Commission Position 2: Atul Deshmane 

Federal Races

Federal Endorsements made by our national partner, the League of Conservation Voters Action Fund

US Senate

Judicial races

WA Supreme Court

Sheryl Gordon McCloud

Steve Gonzalez

Legislative Races

1st District
House Position 1: Derek Stanford
House Position 2: Shelley Kloba
3rd District
House Position 1: Marcus Riccelli
5th District
House Position 1: Bill Ramos
House Position 2: Lisa Callan
6th District
Senate: Jessa Lewis
House Position 1: Kay Murano
House Position 2: Dave Wilson
10th District
House Position 2: Dave Paul
11th District
House Position 1: Zack Hudgins
17th District
House Position 1: Tanisha Harris
18th District
House Position 2: Kathy GIllespie
19th District
House Position 1: Erin Frasier
21st District
Senate: Marko Liias
House Position 1: Strom Peterson
House Position 2: Lillian Ortiz-Self
22nd District
House Position 1: Laurie Dolan
House Position 2: Beth Doglio
23rd District
House Position 1: Sherry Appleton
House Position 2: Drew Hansen
24th District
House Position 1: Mike Chapman
House Position 2: Steve Tharinger
25th District
House Position 1: Jamie Smith
House Position 2: Brian Duthie
26th District
Senate: Emily Randall
House Position 1: Connie Fitzpatrick
House Position 2: Joy Stanford
27th District
House Position 1: Laurie Jinkins
House Position 2: Jake Fey
28th District
House Position 1: Mari Leavitt
House Position 2: Christine Kilduff
29th District
Senate: Steve Conway
House Position 1: Melanie Morgan
House Position 2: Steve Kirby
30th District
Senate: Claire Wilson
House Position 1: Mike Pellicciotti
House Position 2: Kristine Reeves
32nd District
Senate: Maralyn Chase
House Position 1: Cindy Ryu
House Position 2: Lauren Davis
33rd District
Senate: Karen Keiser
House Position 1: Tina Orwall
House Position 2: Mia Su-Ling Gregerson
34th District
Senate: Shannon Braddock and Joe Nguyen
House Position 1: Eileen Cody
House Position 2: Joe Fitzgibbon
36th District
Senate: Reuven Carlyle
House Position 1: Noel Frame
House Position 2: Gael Tarleton
37th District
Senate: Rebecca Saldaña
38th District
Senate: John McCoy
House Position 1: June Robinson
House Position 2: Mike Sells
40th District
House Position 1: Debra Lekanoff
41st District
House Position 1: Tana Senn
House Position 2: My-Linh Thai
42nd District
Senate: Pinky Vargas
House Position 1: Justin Boneau
House Position 2: Sharon Shewmake
43rd District
Senate: Jamie Pedersen
House Position 1: Nicole Macri
44th District
House Position 1: John Lovick
House Position 2: Jared Mead
45th District
Senate: Manka Dhingra
House Position 1: Roger Goodman
House Position 2: Larry Springer
46th District
Senate: David Frockt
House Position 1: Gerry Pollet
House Position 2: Javier Valdez
47th District
Senate: Mona Das
House Position 1: Debra Entenman
House Position 2: Pat Sullivan
48th District
Senate: Patty Kuderer
House Position 1: Vandana Slatter
House Position 2: Amy Walen
49th District
House Position 1: Sharon Wylie

Local Races

Endorsement Process

Washington Conservation Voters issues endorsements to inform voters of which candidates running for office make environmental protection and creating a clean economy top priorities. All candidates to be considered for endorsement by Washington Conservation Voters must complete our questionnaire. The Washington Conservation Voters Political Committee reviews completed questionnaires and may choose to interview candidates. The Political Committee votes to endorse candidates for all positions that are not statewide. For statewide races, the Political Committee makes a recommendation to the full State Board which votes to confirm or deny the recommendation. To view our full Endorsement Policies and Procedures, click here. If you would like to be considered for our endorsement or are interested in serving on our Political Committee, please email our Political Director at