Here at Washington Conservation Voters, we work to elect environmentally responsible candidates across the state. Every year, we endorse candidates who we expect to be environmental champions as well as ballot measures that will protect and restore Washington’s environment.

Interested in learning how we select candidates and ballot measures to endorse? Read more about WCV’s endorsement process.

Although we cannot guarantee we will conduct an endorsement in every race across the state we appreciate you taking the time out of your campaign schedule to fill out WCV’s questionnaire.

To ensure your questionnaire is considered for endorsement you must fill out the questionnaire below and use this online system to submit it. Emailed questionnaires will not be considered. Please reach out if you have any issues filling out the form or any questions.

Fill out WCV’s 2021 municipal candidate endorsement questionnaire here

Deadlines: We are now conducting post-primary endorsement considerations. To be considered for a General Election endorsement for the 2021 election cycle please submit your questionnaire by August 25th.

Races we are considering: We are currently considering endorsements for most city and county level races (such as County Council, PUD, Port Commissioner, City Council) with the exception of school board races. If you have questions about our consideration of your race please feel free to reach out ahead of filling out our questionnaire.

If you have any endorsement questions, please email:

Washington Conservation Voters is committed to equal opportunity, and committed to maintaining an accessible and equitable endorsement process. Accommodations for the endorsement process are available and will be made upon request. Please complete this form regarding accommodations or accommodations requests. We welcome feedback on the accessibility of our website and endorsements process.

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, we expect to hold all endorsement interviews in April and May by video conference rather than in person.

To learn more about a ballot measure or candidate, click on the blue linked title.

Ballot Measures

Statewide Races

County races

Clark County

Port Of Vancouver Position 2: Eric LaBrant

King County

County Council District 1: Rod Dembowski

County Council District 3: Sarah Perry 

County Council District 5: Dave Upthegrove

County Council District 9: Kim-Khánh Vān

Executive: Dow Constantine 

Port Of Seattle Position 1: Ryan Calkins 

Port Of Seattle Position 3: Hamdi Mohamed

Port Of Seattle Position 4: Toshiko Hasegawa

Pierce County

Port of Tacoma Position 2: Elizabeth Pew 

Port of Tacoma Position 4: Mary Bacon

Snohomish County

County Council District 4: Jared Mead

County Council District 5: Brandy Donaghy

Whatcom County

County Council At Large Position A: Barry Buchanan

County Council District 1: Eddy Ury

County Council District 2: Todd Donovan

County Council District 3: Rebecca Lewis 

Port Of Bellingham District 1: Michael Shepard 

Port of Bellingham District 2: Kelly Krieger

Federal Races

Federal Endorsements made by our national partner, the League of Conservation Voters Action Fund

Judicial races

Legislative Races

Local Races


City Council Position 4: Amanda Hubik 

Mayor: Ryan Walters


City Council Position 2: Dexter Borbe

City Council Position 4: Ruth Lipscomb


City Council Ward 6: Michael Lilliquist and Eve Smason-Marcus


City Council District 2: Paula Rhyne 

City Council Position 1: Mary Fosse and Paul Roberts

Federal Way

City Council Position 5: Leandra Craft

Mayor: Jim Ferrell


City Council Position 6: Kate Bishop

Gig Harbor

City Council Position 1: Jeni Woock 


City Council Position 4: Nigel Herbig


City Council Position 1: Jay Arnold 

Lake Stevens

City Council Position 6: Jessica Wadhams

Mill Creek

City Council Position 6: Melissa Duque 


City Council Position 2: Janet Richards

City Council Position 4: Melissa Stuart 

City Council Position 6: Jeralee Anderson


City Council Position 2: Carmen Rivera 


City Council Position 4: Ginger Wireman


City Council Position 3: Nazir Harb Michel

City Council Position 7: Karen Howe 


City Council Position 8: Teresa Mosqueda

City Council Position 9: Nikkita Oliver 

Mayor: M. Lorena González


City Council Position 3: Christopher Roberts


Mayor: Linda Redmon


City Council District 1 Position 2: Naghmana Sherazi

City Council District 3 Position 2: Zack Zappone


City Council District 2: Sarah Rumbaugh 

City Council District 4: Catherine Ushka 

City Council District 5: Anne Artman

City Council Position 6: Kiara Daniels 


City Council Position 1: Kim Harless 

City Council Position 3: Diana Perez


City Council District 2: Danny Herrera

City Council District 6: Samuel Johnson

Endorsement Process

Washington Conservation Voters issues endorsements to inform voters of which candidates running for office make environmental protection and creating a clean economy top priorities. All candidates to be considered for endorsement by Washington Conservation Voters must complete our questionnaire. The Washington Conservation Voters Political Committee reviews completed questionnaires and may choose to interview candidates. The Political Committee votes to endorse candidates for all positions that are not statewide. For statewide races, the Political Committee makes a recommendation to the full State Board which votes to confirm or deny the recommendation. To view our full Endorsement Policies and Procedures, click here. If you would like to be considered for our endorsement or are interested in serving on our Political Committee, please email our Political Director at