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Am I a Table Captain? If you are rallying your friends to purchase tickets to join you at the event, you are a Table Captain.

Below is a series of example emails that can be used to invite your guests. Feel free to simply copy/paste the text into an email or send as a lift note with the email invitation you received from our organization.

Be sure to pay special attention to the italicized lines that you can customize.

If you have questions, please contact Events and Outreach Associate, Gabi at 206.631.2612 or email your questions to

Email #1 – Send today!

Hi [Invitee],

[Personal Note – Where have you seen them lately? Have they attended this event with you before? Have you worked on project together recently? Did you attend an event that they invited you to (quid pro quo asks can be the easiest)? If they are the type that will come for the networking opportunities – Highlight that this is great opportunity to do just that! Lastly, share with them why you are passionate about WCV.]

Because I know you value Washington’s environment and believe in acting to protect it, I wanted to invite you to join me virtually at Washington Conservation Voters’ Gathering of Environmental Champions on Thursday, October 14th.

I hope you’ll join me virtually for lunch to learn about WCV’s 2021 work and listen to a roundtable discussion about the Lower Snake River Dam.

Again, the event will be Thursday, October 14th, 12:00pm to 1:00pm, held virtually. Please check your calendar and let me know if you’re able to come. Tickets are $50 and can be purchased HERE.

Let’s join with WCV to make Washington’s environment a political priority – I hope to have you with us on October 14th!

[Your Name]

PS – Know others that would like to attend? Please invite them – the more, the merrier! Let me know their name and email address and I’ll add them to our table.

Email #2 – A reminder to people who haven’t responded to your first invite

Hi [Invitee],

I know it’s hard to think about fall and Election Day in the middle of summer, but I wanted to remind you of my invitation to Washington Conservation Voter’s Gathering of Environmental of Champions event – Are you free and interested in attending with me?

The event will be on Thursday October 14th, 12:00pm to 1:00pm virtually. The program will start at noon. Tickets are on sale HERE for $50.

WCV staff is asking for all guest names ASAP so that they can move forward with planning, so please let me know if you’re able to attend and buy your ticket today.

I hope you’ll be my guest on October 14th!

Thank you,

[Your Name]

PS – Interested in bringing others to this event? Email me about being table co-captains and we can work on filling the table together!

Email #3 – Day-of details (send 3-5 days before the event)

Hi [Invitee],

I’m looking forward to seeing you on Friday, October 11th for WCV’s Breakfast of Champions – thank you for being part of my table.

Below is everything you need to know prior to the event:

If you have paid for your ticket already, you will receive an email with your zoom link ahead of the event.

When: Thursday, October 14th from 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm

Where: Zoom

If things come up and you are unable to attend, please give me a call as soon as possible and let me know if you know of someone who would like to come in your place. Check out to learn more about WCV before the event.

See you Thursday!

[Your Name]

PS – This is WCV’s biggest fundraising event of the year and I plan on supporting them generously. Please bring your checkbook or credit card and join me in making a contribution to support their proven and important work!

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