Washington Conservation Voters invites bids to update the Native Vote Washington (NVW) logo. The goal is to create a new NVW logo that increases visibility and represents the organization. 

About the Organization

Washington Conservation Voters (WCV), ensures Washington’s decision makers keep our environment protected, healthy, and vibrant. Over the last 35 years, WCV has elected environmental champions, held our elected leaders to the highest standard, and built statewide momentum for environmental campaigns through innovative voter outreach efforts and community organizing. 

Native Vote Washington, a project in collaboration with Washington Conservation Voters (501c4 nonprofit), has been focused on educating Native communities and the general public about elections and candidates, and electing Native candidates since 2008. 

This RFP is for the design, development, and delivery of a new Native Vote Washington logo.

Current Logo

The current logo was created in 2008. While we like the fact that you can read what the organization’s name is in the current logo, it needs to feel more serious and modern — currently it feels too casual and utilizes Plains Indian imagery. 

Target Audience


  • Tribal Communities – urban and rural


  • General Public
  • Partner Organizations




  • RFP issued: 9/7
  • Submission of questions due: 9/13
  • Questions Answered: 9/14
  • Proposals Due: 9/15
  • Selected Contractor: 9/16
  • Logo Drafts for Review Due: 9/29
  • Feedback Due: 10/1
  • Logo Finalized: 10/5


Scope of Work

Our goal is to create an updated and modern logo that serves as a symbol of the organization, invites people to learn more, as well as illustrating the importance and power of Native voting justice. Ideally, we would like for the selected contractor to create a logo (in all formats and both color and B+W; as well as assets to fit Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram). Additionally, we request one reminder to vote graphic and a GOTV graphic.

Thus, not included in the scope of work for this RFP are the following:

  • Branding – general branding, voice, etc – this is only for a logo.

What is included in the scope of work:

  • Logo: Logo design and delivery
    • Color and black + white
  • Social assets: the logo in format to fit Twitter, Facebook, Instagram

New Logo Requirements

    • Modern: something that is updated and modern—utilizing modern techniques and best practices for simple logo design. 
      • Less cartoon and clipart and more modern
      • Do not just use a feather or Native inspired fonts
    • Clean: something that is not too embellished
  • Legible:Must be able to read clearly what the logo is saying or conveying in the form of the graphics/illustrations
  • Simple and clear colors that match the work
    • Less colors, less complexity (limit to three colors)
    • Plus B+W version
  • Full Name or initials (as an option)
  • Circle (as an option) 

Examples of Logos We Like

  • Buffalo Nickle Creative – Ryan Redcorn


Proposal Qualification Requirements

Please include the following in your proposal

  • Overview
    • Agency/Contractor name, point of contact, address, phone, email.
  • Project Approach
    • Include ideas on how to redesign the logo taking into consideration the requests detailed above.
    • An overview of how you would work with WCV/NVW to develop and execute this project. Please be specific in your suggested approach to achieve our objectives.
    • A timeline, with check-ins.
    • Outline of what you’d need from WCV/NVW to make this project successful.
  • Relevant Experience
  • Agency/Contractor to provide a portfolio of past, comparable logo design and development projects. 
    • Fee Structure
      • Provide a detailed description of services you will provide, including all associated costs and hourly rate.
      • If your agency offers a discounted rate toward nonprofits, please include this information in your proposal. 
  • Native/Indigenous-owned and designers are highly encouraged to apply

How to apply

Please submit questions and proposals to Zachary DeWolf (Communications Director, WCV),, with the subject line "Native Vote WA Logo RFP"