Over 200 WCV volunteers knocked on doors over the weekend!

October 21 & 22

What an exciting weekend! Over 200 WCV volunteers hit the streets over the weekend to talk with voters about key races around the region. With our annual Statewide Doorbell Day and a coalition effort for the Our Votes Count campaign, volunteers talked with hundreds of voters about environmental champions who are running for office. From Whatcom to Vancouver, WA, our communities are building the momentum these candidates need to win.

Want to get involved? There are still opportunities before the election! Learn more here >>

I met several voters who were genuinely undecided about the election — and, despite the rain, were eager to have a conversation. Being able to tell those voters that I’m a WCV member and that I was out talking to voters because Manka will be an environmental champion was a powerful message that voters seemed to respond to.

-Mike, volunteer in the 45th LD

Whatcom County voters were well aware of the upcoming elections and the importance of voting on county wide races, but hadn’t done all their research yet. Voters were thankful for the information and the encouragement to vote early.

One lady in Bellingham who was actually in the process of voting. She said, “I’m so glad you’re here! There are a few races I didn’t have any information on so your endorsement is really helpful.” She said she would vote complete her ballot and turn it in on Monday.

Another couple and their son had received their ballots but hadn’t voted yet. I shared about WCV’s endorsed candidates for Port and County Council and asked when I could expect them to vote. The dad replied, “Well I guess we better vote this weekend. And we’ll make sure our son joins us too!”

-Kat, WCV Field Director in Whatcom County

I had a chance to connect with hundreds of voters over the weekend and was inspired by their thoughtful questions – it’s always important to hear about what they most care about as well. Personal connections can make all the difference in the world for local elections. Happy to have done my part to deepen the dialogue and help ensure folks were able and ready to vote! The brief hail storm only added to the excitement, but I was constantly inspired by the welcoming smiles and deep conversations.

-Danielle, volunteer in Tacoma

In Vancouver, my experience was that folks in Vancouver understand how much is at stake with this Port Commissioner race – they are savvy and excited to vote!

-Julie, WCV admin assistant

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