APPROVE Initiative 1000/Referendum 88

Initiative 1000, which will appear on Washington’s 2019 November ballot under Referendum 88, is an important policy that will restore fairness for veterans, small business owners, women, and people of color seeking to succeed in public employment, contracting, and university admissions – without the use of caps or quotas.

The same forces that pollute our environment also prevent equitable access to public employment, contracting and university admissions. With the passage of Tim Eyman’s I-200 in 1998, Washington became one of only two states in the nation to explicitly ban outreach to historically marginalized communities to help determine outcomes in public education, contracting, and employment. Washington needs the talents of veterans, small business owners, women, and people of color to build solutions that create a clean, healthy environment, and everyone deserves to have access to those opportunities.

  • According to the Washington’s Office of Women and Minority Business Enterprises, since the passage of I-200, state spending with certified minority and woman-owned businesses has dropped from 10% to 3%, resulting in a devastating $3.8 billion, 20-year loss of revenue.
  • Since I-200 passed, diversity in Washington’s public university and college populations has declined in proportion to the population as a whole. The number of Black, Native-American, and Pacific Islander students enrolled in all four-year public universities has decreased statewide.

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