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Evergreen Future: A vision toward an equitable and just future for all

This is the most important election in our lifetime. That’s why WCV is announcing the launch of Evergreen Future, a brand new campaign to push candidates and elected officials across the state to support the bold environmental action we know we need.

This is a four-year comprehensive vision for Washington that lays out what we need to do to protect our state’s environment, improve public health, and provide economic opportunity.

The Evergreen Future Platform is a package of actions leaders must take to tackle our biggest environmental challenges. Whether you are white, black, indigenous, or brown, and regardless of your income, we need leaders that prioritize building a sustainable and resilient future for all.

One thing the pandemic has shown all of us is what happens when science and the experts are ignored, and the institutions we rely on to protect us are weakened. As advocates, it’s our job to push our elected officials to respond boldly to protect Washingtonians’ public health and economy from both the pandemic and ongoing crises like climate change. As we begin to restore our economy, we need a vision that builds a sustainable resilient future.

As part of our endorsement process, Washington Conservation Voters asked candidates and elected officials if they support the Evergreen Future platform and how they would help create a better future for people across the state.

Join WCV’s Evergreen Future campaign and sign on to the Pledge! By signing up to support Evergreen Future, you’ll show candidates and elected officials across the state that you want bold progress to:

  • Act on climate
  • Protect clean water and healthy forests
  • Ensure environmental justice and public health
  • Hold corporate polluters accountable

Washington needs more leaders who are ready to work at the scale and urgency of the enormous challenges we face. And the public needs to know who is going to stand up for them.

The historic challenges we see today also provide opportunities to create a better future. Puget Sound, our forests, and the climate won’t wait. We need to act now and we need leaders who are willing to fight for us. Washington has seen the power of communities working together to fight against fossil fuel projects that harm our state and build a clean energy economy. Now is the time to work together to create a new chapter of economic and environmental prosperity for our state. But the only way we win is with strong supporters like you by our side.

Sign the Pledge to show you support the Evergreen Future campaign and platform. The more support we have for Evergreen Future, the louder our voice is for positive change. By working together on real solutions that work for everyone, we can overcome the growing climate crisis and build a more resilient sustainable future for all of us.

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