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Gov. Inslee supports Evergreen Future

Exciting news: Governor Jay Inslee supports WCV’s Evergreen Future platform!

Governor Inslee is a leader who respects science and seeks a better future for all. For years, the Governor has been leading the fight in our state to put bold climate action and a just clean energy transition at the forefront. In 2019, Governor Inslee showcased his leadership by running for President with the mission to elevate bold climate action in the national conversation.

But in order to continue our climate progress, we need to reelect the Governor and he needs more environmental champions in the State Legislature. Candidates must be ready to act and invest in building a healthy, equitable, and just future. That’s why we launched Evergreen Future, a bold and actionable platform to move Washington forward.

Stand with Governor Inslee: Help elect environmental champions that hold our Washington values.

Washington has made immense progress in the last few years – from a 100% Clean Energy bill in 2019 to passing bills to protect orcas and salmon to holding polluters accountable for their toxic sites in our neighborhoods. We must keep up the momentum to prioritize public health, local workers, and investments and policies that address climate change, clean up toxic pollution, and restore our forests and shared waters.

“Today, we are living through the early impacts of climate change. We need bold action to heal our state and create a better future for our kids and grandkids, and that is exactly what Evergreen Future calls for.” said Governor Inslee.

The candidates we elect now will play a critical role in deciding the fate of communities across Washington at one of the most consequential times in our state’s history. We have an opportunity to elect leaders who will invest in public health, protect frontline workers, and tackle our biggest environmental challenges. We need leaders who understand that the system of white supremacy that permeates our culture allowing poor, Black, Brown, and Indigenous communities to be more polluted, is the same system that perpetuates racial injustice and state violence.

Sign up for a volunteer shift today! You can help elect environmental champions from home through a phone bank or text bank.

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