Hilary Franz for Commissioner of Public Lands

Hilary FranzHilary Franz is a proven leader who’s put in the time to understand Washington’s public forests and waterways.

Franz has spent 18 years promoting sustainable management and rural economic development and understands that protecting the land and community prosperity are two sides of the same coin. As Executive Director of Futurewise, she helped protect 2,800 acres of prime farmland and over 5,000 miles of critical shoreline along Washington’s coast to protect critical habitat for salmon and shellfish.

Franz is also the only candidate in the race with significant public lands issue experience. She is the right person to lead the Department of Natural Resources core mission: managing our land for the shared benefit of everyone in Washington.

Hilary_imageAs Commissioner of Public Lands

  • Hilary Franz is the only candidate who has not and will not accept campaign contributions from timber, coal, or any or industry that it’s her job to regulate.
  • She will rely on the best science available and focus on the root causes and impacts of wildfires to both protect vulnerable communities and restore and defend forest health.
  • Franz is dedicated to creating job growth in rural communities with solutions that focuses on their long term success like protecting farmland and sustainably managed forestry without reverting to short-term false solutions.
  • Franz will work to expand renewable energy leasing on public lands to create high value jobs in rural communities and help our state continue its legacy as an environmental leader.
  • Access to the outdoors is a key economic driver for communities across the state and Franz is dedicated to once again making it a major part of the Department of Natural Resources priorities.

When our forests and waters are healthy and more people have greater access to the outdoors, communities across Washington win. We need to elect a leader who understands how to manage our lands so they work for everyone. Hilary Franz will be that champion.


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