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Protect citical marbled murrelet habitat

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Marbled murrelet populations in Washington have been in severe decline for decades, largely due to loss of vital nesting habitat. The Department of Natural Resources (DNR) is in the final stages of developing a long-term conservation strategy for the murrelet, and things don’t look good for the bird.

We need you to tell the Board of Natural Resources (BNR) and Commissioner of Public Lands, Hilary Franz, that they can and must do more to protect vital habitat for the marbled murrelet. The old forests where the murrelets nest are important for clean air, clean water, and healthy communities.

Act now and send an email to the BNR and Commissioner Franz!

The BNR has the final say on which conservation strategy is adopted. This is a critical decision point that will affect the survival of the species in Washington. More conservation of habitat must be included in the plan and the BNR has the ability to make that call.

The BNR & Commissioner Franz need to hear from you that you support additional protection for marbled murrelet habitat on state-managed forestlands.

Email the board members to advocate for more protection of marbled murrelet habitat!

DNR’s lands are significant to the bird’s recovery, and this forest habitat is a vital provider of other services like clean air, clean water, and carbon sequestration. Now is the time to do what is necessary to recover this imperiled species in our state and conserve the old forests it calls home. Together, we can leave a healthier state for all Washingtonians – murrelets and humans alike!

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