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Rep. Davina Duerr, WCV’s 2022 Legislator of the Year

By: WCV Communications

Each year, Washington Conservation Voters names a Legislator of the Year: a legislator who showed up as an environmental champion by going above and beyond during the most recent legislative session.

This year, WCV is honored to announce Representative Davina Duerr of the 1st Legislative District as WCV’s 2022 Legislator of the Year!  

We selected Rep. Davina Duerr because she fights in the Washington State Legislature for equitable and community-driven policies to protect public health and the environment. As former Bothell City Councilmember and Deputy Mayor, she worked tirelessly on intersectional issues like land use, housing, and climate. In 2019, Rep. Duerr brought her skills and tenacity to the legislature where she serves as Vice Chair of the Environment and Energy Committee, Vice Chair of Local Government Committee, and a member of the Transportation Committee.

“Tackling climate change is not an issue the Legislature will ever be done with. Caring for our environment not only reflects who we are as a state, but our current and future generations demand we continue to fight for the planet’s livability”, Representative Davina Duerr said. She added, “Our very existence is ultimately at stake, it is why we must continue to pass legislation to address climate pollution. This fight is what keeps me up at night and persevering during the day, and it’s the reason that I am so honored to be recognized as WCV’s Legislator of the Year.”   

Rep. Duerr is a passionate climate champion. She led an effort to add climate change to the state’s landmark land use law, the Growth Management Act. After more than a decade of work, this bill, HB 1099, made it further than ever before in 2022 and is well positioned to pass in the next legislative session. She passed a bill to reduce methane (a potent greenhouse gas) from landfills, HB 1663.

With a background in architecture, Rep. Duerr is also on the forefront of reducing climate pollution from buildings by securing the creation of an embodied carbon reporting system and advancing climate-smart building codes. Finally, as a member of the House Transportation Committee, she also supported the greenest transportation revenue package with record investments in transit, toxic stormwater reduction, and electrifying more of the transportation sector.

Time and again, Representative Duerr has proven to be a rock-solid environmental leader and deeply grounded in her values. She’s not afraid to take on big challenges and does the hard work to deliver results. She approaches this work as a labor of love and as her responsibility towards building a better future for her children.

Thanks to your support and advocacy, we’re electing environmental champions just like Davina to fight for the future we all deserve.

Register to join us as we present this award to Rep. Duerr on October 14, 2022.

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