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Help us celebrate big wins across Washington! Thanks to your hard work, support, and energy, Manka Dhingra has been elected to State Senate in the 45th Legislative District and Don Orange in the Port of Vancouver.

With Manka’s win, Washington state now has a pro-environmental Governor and majorities in the House and Senate, creating a block of pro-environmental states along the entire West Coast. “This is a historic win. It proves once again, when given the choice, voters in East King County and across the state will elect environmental champions. This puts environmental protection back on offense in the legislature,” said Joan Crooks, CEO of Washington Conservation Voters. “Everything is now on the table in 2018 – with this win, Washington can start tackling climate pollution, transitioning to a clean energy economy, and make headway restoring Puget Sound.

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And due to hundreds of volunteers knocking on doors in Vancouver and countless supporters, donors, and volunteers, Don Orange is the new Port Commissioner.

“Tonight, Clark County residents said loud and clear that they do not want to become just another polluted oil town,” said Shannon Murphy, President Washington Conservation Voters. “This win shows communities across the country that when we stand together we are stronger than big oil’s money. We build better stronger communities by prioritizing our health, our safety, and clean 21st Century jobs, not the dirty energy of the past.”

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Altogether, WCV reached tens of thousands of voters through:

  • Knocked on 63,000 doors
  • Made 37,000 phone calls to voters
  • Sent 50,000 texts through Peer-to-peer texting
  • TV ads viewed by 75,000 voters
  • Digital ads had 2 million impressions
  • Sent mail to 60,000 households

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