Action Alerts,

Tell Congress: Stand Against EPA Cuts!

We just learned that President Trump is expected to propose deep cuts to the EPA. His proposal could cut one quarter – or 2 billion dollars – from the agency’s budget.

If that weren’t enough, in a leaked memo it was revealed that the proposed cuts will target grants to states, Native American tribes, and climate programs. His administration is weighing closing the office of Enforcement and Compliance Assurance, whose job it is to enforce the Clean Air Act, Clean Water Act, Oil Pollution Act, and the Safe Drinking Water Act. These laws have overwhelming bipartisan support because safe drinking water and clean air should be fundamental rights for all people.

Tell Congress to oppose the proposed administration budget cuts to the EPA! Together, we will resist and hold accountable Donald Trump and members of Congress who support a spending plan that puts polluters first over the health of everyday people in this country.