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Tesoro Savage Oil Terminal Rejected!

You did it!

Governor Inslee made a landmark decision today when he rejected the largest proposed oil train terminal in the United States. This is a major victory for our climate and communities. Governor Inslee determined that the project poses unacceptable risks to the health, safety, and sustainability of communities throughout Washington.

Join us in thanking Governor Inslee for protecting the Pacific Northwest from one of the most reckless proposals in its history.

You made this victory possible. You spoke up, attended hearings, knocked on doors, and called your neighbors. You made Tesoro Savage the most opposed project in the history of Washington’s Energy Council, with over 300,000 comments urging denial of the proposal. Together, we have defeated every major oil train proposal in the Northwest. You created a movement to thwart fossil fuels at a time when the Trump administration rolls out the red carpet for Big Coal, Big Oil, and the fracked gas industry.

Two years ago, we worked together to elect Eric LaBrant to the Port Commission and sent a signal that voters opposed the proposed terminal. This past November, WCV-endorsed candidate Don Orange won a landslide victory, based on a platform against the oil terminal. This is a testament to the unified voices of Vancouver and Washington against a polluted future.

We salute the incredible work of Columbia River Tribes that stood up to oil-by-rail. We also salute the tireless work of countless people across the Northwest. Our community organizers empowered the public and turned out record-breaking crowds to hearing after hearing, and Stand Up To Oil’s attorneys from Earthjustice shined throughout this long fight.

From business owners to mayors to kids who spoke out passionately about their future, the power of the people prevailed over Big Oil. Savor this sweet victory and let this inspire you to keep fighting to protect our climate, clean water, and the health and safety of our communities. We look forward to building on this momentum with you in 2018.

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