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Tesoro Savage Oil Terminal Rejected!

Oil terminal eviction noticeThe Port of Vancouver Commissioners, at its first meeting of the year, unanimously voted to end the Tesoro Savage oil train terminal proposal in Vancouver, Washington. This huge victory is because you showed up and voted, spoke out against oil spills, train derailments, and the polluted future brought on by Big Oil!

Two years ago, together we elected Eric LaBrant to the Port Commission and sent a signal that voters opposed the proposed terminal. In November, WCV-endorsed candidate Don Orange won a landslide victory, based on a platform against the oil terminal. This is a testament to the unified voices of Vancouver and Washington against a polluted future.

Today, Port of Vancouver Commissioner President Eric LaBrant issued the motion to exercise a clause which cancels the lease for the terminal effective March 31, 2018. Because of YOU, the Commission took the vote in front of an overflow crowd, with many audience members testifying in support of the Port’s decision to terminate the largest oil-by-rail terminal proposal in North America. The vote was unequivocal and unanimous to end the lease.

Let’s send a loud message of thanks to the commissioners for taking action – send your thanks today!

What is next? It will take until March 31 to officially terminate the lease. Today’s decision initiates that process and puts Tesoro on notice to move out. Governor Inslee also plays a critical role and will be making a final decision on the permits based on the Energy Facility Site Evaluation Council’s unanimous recommendation to deny the project. We expect Governor Inslee to make this decision in the upcoming weeks. Today, let’s celebrate this landslide win by the community.

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