Action Alerts,

Urge Puget Sound Energy to support I-1631

We don’t have a minute to lose when it comes to taking real action to reduce climate pollution in Washington state. There’s no leadership from Congress and the legislature has tried multiple times and failed. So this year, the people are stepping up and have put forward an initiative that establishes a fee on climate pollution and invests those funds in clean energy like wind and solar, healthy forests, and clean water.

Initiative 1631 – the Clean Air, Clean Energy initiative – recently turned in over 370,000 signatures to qualify for the November ballot. Now, it is time to get to work on passing it!

We need our state’s largest utility, Puget Sound Energy, to stand up in support of I-1631 for a cleaner, healthier state for their 1.5 million customers in Washington. PSE has already committed to reducing their carbon emissions and I-1631 is a straightforward way to help PSE meet their commitment to provide their customers with cleaner energy.

Will you contact PSE today and urge them to join you in supporting I-1631?

PSE can be part of the broad cross-section of Washington leaders – small and large businesses, labor unions, communities of color, environmental groups, health professionals, faith organizations, tribes, and others – who came together to craft this policy and are working together to pass it.

As a key player in shaping our energy future, we need Puget Sound Energy to be part of this broad partnership to deliver clean energy and energy efficiency to their customers and transition off dirty energy. I-1631 gives Puget Sound Energy the tools to do just that because it incorporates many of the suggestions the company made during the development of the initiative in order to ensure it is effective, equitable, and workable.

PSE cares what their customers think! Will you email PSE and urge them to join you in support of I-1631?

Utilities play a crucial role in powering our economy – we need them to work with us to enact practical, equitable policies like I-1631 that protect our clean air and water and invest in clean energy.

We know that big oil companies are opposed to this people’s initiative. They have already started a No on 1631 political committee and pledged to fight. We will need the strongest possible team to pass I-1631. Now is the time for PSE to step in and step up for climate action – email PSE today!