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Volunteer to elect environmental champions!

Washington Conservation Voters supports pro-environment candidates committed to the health and well being of our communities. With the state of things in the “other Washington,” we need environmental leadership here in our state government. As a volunteer, you can make all the difference – join us!

Previous political and outreach experience is NOT necessary. There’s always a chance to learn from someone who has more experience or help train a new volunteer. Welcoming people of all races, genders, and abilities. Please let us know if we can provide any additional accommodation for you.

Volunteer to elect Don Orange

Vancouver, Seattle, remote
October 28-29, November 1, 4-6

Join our doorbell days or volunteer recruitment phonebanks! We host phonebanks at the WCV office in Seattle and will most likely have a crew calling from Vancouver at the same time. You can also join us virtually. More info >>

Volunteer in the 45th Legislative District (East King County) with Our Votes Count

East King County
November 4

We have a unique opportunity this year to swing the State Senate to a pro-environment majority by electing an environmental champion to office in a special election in the 45th Legislative District. We’ve been playing defense in terms of environmental protections for years, but with a pro-environment majority in the State Senate we will be primed to make some real progress on the environmental issues most important to our communities! Regardless of what district you live in, this election is going to take us all working together as Washingtonians fighting for environmental progress and justice! More info >> 

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