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Washington must stand up to the Trans Mountain Pipeline

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Despite his image as a “climate leader”, Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is still pushing the Trans Mountain tar sands pipeline expansion—a toxic project that would triple the pipeline’s capacity, increase dangerous tanker traffic through our shared waters, and threaten indigenous sovereignty, a vibrant fishing industry, and the endangered Southern Resident orcas.

This June, Canadian officials will decide whether or not to approve this disastrous proposal.

Washington has too much at risk and we need to speak up now. Tell the Canadian government TODAY that Washingtonians stand in opposition to the Trans Mountain Pipeline.

The proposed Trans Mountain Pipeline expansion would bring more heavy, sinking oils into our shared waters of the Salish Sea. Heavy tar sands oils sink when spilled and are virtually impossible to clean up. This project poses an unacceptable threat to Washington’s shoreline communities and increasingly vulnerable marine ecosystem. Washingtonians must stand up to protect our waters and communities from these uniquely dangerous, heavy oils.

Last August, a major court victory quashed the original approval of the project and sent it back to the drawing board because of inadequate consultation with B.C. First Nations and because it ignored the impacts of additional oil tankers on marine life in the Salish Sea. Yet, in spite of this ruling, the Canadian Government appears determined to build this dangerous pipeline that increases the threat of spills and puts communities, the climate, and our shared waters in danger.

Contact the Canadian government today to tell them that the Trans Mountain pipeline would endanger our shared waters. The Trans Mountain catastrophe transcends the international border—Canadians need to hear from Washingtonians that we stand with Tribes and BC First Nations in opposition to the pipeline expansion.