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Washington Voters in the 2022 General Election Sent a Clear Message: Keep Our Majority, Go Bigger and Bolder in 2023

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Washington Voters in the 2022 General Election Sent a Clear Message: Keep Our Majority, Go Bigger and Bolder in 2023

Strong showing for maintaining an environmental majority, and human rights

WASHINGTON STATE: Nov 9–Last night, we learned that voters turned out at nearly 50% to vote in the 2022 General Election, with more ballots being collected and tallied in the coming days. Washington Conservation Voters worked hard this year to increase engagement and turnout across Washington State, including investing more than $330,000 in races in both the East and West sides of the state and contacting more than 75,000 eligible voters. 

Based on tonight’s results, Washington Conservation Voters remains optimistic about maintaining and expanding our pro-environment majority in the Washington State Legislature. The voters have spoken, and they are clearly on board for bold environmental action.

“We know that voters had so much to consider this election cycle, including reproductive rights, the economy, the future of our democracy, and the climate crisis,” said Alyssa Macy, CEO, Washington Conservation Voters. “From what we can tell at Washington Conservation Voters, voters understood that our rights and our very futures were on the line in this election. We are hopeful by what we are seeing these returns, particularly for Rep. Shewmake, Senator Randall, and Claudia Kauffman.”

These initial results are promising for maintaining a strong environmental majority in the Washington State Legislature, but WCV will continue monitoring election results over the course of the next few days. WCV understands that the loss of a pro-environment majority in the US House of Representatives means that it is up to states to push forward bold progress and action for environmental justice.

“Voters across the state of Washington voted to maintain a strong environmental majority in the state Legislature and keep our effective environmental leaders in Congress,” said Lennon Bronsema, Vice President of Campaigns, Washington Conservation Voters. “While results will still be tabulated over the course of the next few days, we are confident that the hard work we put into the 2022 General Election will pay off for people and the environment.”

WCV is hopeful that results in US Congressional District 3, with Marie Gluesenkamp Perez in the lead, is a sign that Washington voters reject election deniers. This race will be closely watched.


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