WCV Endorses in Key Races in Seattle, Renton, Bellingham, Sammamish and Tacoma



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Washington Conservation Voters Endorses in Key Races in Seattle, Renton, Bellingham, Sammamish and Tacoma


WASHINGTON STATE—Today, Washington Conservation Voters (WCV), Washington’s only statewide political voice for the environment that works to elect pro-environment candidates, announces endorsements in a number of key races in the Puget Sound region. The endorsements include Lorena González (Mayor-Seattle), Nikkita Oliver (City Council Pos. 9-Seattle), Dr. Nazir Harb Michel (City Council Pos. 3-Sammamish), Carmen Rivera (City Council Pos. 2-Renton), Michael Lilliquist and Eve Smason-Marcus (City Council Ward 6-Bellingham), Sarah Rumbaugh (City Council Dist. 2-Tacoma), Catherine Ushka (City Council Dist. 4-Tacoma), Anne Artman (City Council Dist. 5-Tacoma), Kiara Daniels (City Council Pos. 6-Tacoma).

“WCV is all in to support these climate and environmental champions in the 2021 general election. We know these leaders will deliver on equitable transit solutions, protect land and water, build climate-resilient communities, and tackle environmental justice policy for all communities,” said Alyssa Macy, CEO of Washington Conservation Voters. “It is more important than ever that we have local elected officials that listen to science and facts and prioritizes the health and well-being of communities and the environment. These endorsed candidates represent a new cohort of strong advocates for bold climate progress centered in environmental justice, and we are so excited to work with them to build a livable future powered by family-wage union jobs for generations to come.”

In 2020, voters turned out to prioritize climate progress by electing environmental leaders to the Governor’s mansion, and Washington’s House of Representatives and State Senate, electing the largest pro-environment majority in Washington state legislature’s history. In 2021, WCV is committed to helping elect and re-elect environmental champions in local races from Mayors and city councils to county councils and port commissions.

“Seattle must be a leader in environmental justice and addressing the climate crisis at the local level,” said Lorena González, 2021 Seattle Mayoral candidate and current Seattle City Council President. “WCV endorsed my campaign for Mayor because we share a sense of urgency; we know that we cannot wait any longer to tackle big issues like climate justice, housing affordability, access to low carbon transit systems, and building a green economy.”

2020 and 2021 were some of the most consequential years for the environment in Washington state. We endured record breaking heat waves which have claimed farmworkers lives, climate fires ravaged our state more brutally, and our precious salmon population are on the brink of extinction due to warming waters. Who we elect matters when it comes to addressing the climate crisis at the local level because it’s where the impact of many environmental issues affect Washingtonians most acutely.

“I’m thrilled to work with Washington Conservation Voters to address critical local environmental issues in Sammamish,” said Dr. Nazir Harb Michel, 2021 Sammamish City Council candidate, Position 3. “I’m running for office at the local level because elections in our own communities can have the biggest impact on the environmental issues that affect our day-to-day lives. I know that Sammamish can be a leader for other cities undergoing growth of how to balance the acute needs of people and the environment.”

Washington Conservation Voters is committed to following through on the priorities in our new strategic framework, such as supporting and resourcing a healthy and just political climate to elect new leaders who embrace environmental justice.

“Environmental justice is a cornerstone of my campaign. Our communities in Renton are already experiencing firsthand the impacts of the climate crisis and environmental racism,” said Carmen Rivera, 2021 Renton City Council Position 2 candidate. “I look forward to working together with WCV to be proactive on these issues—and the fight to preserve our green-spaces and wetlands. I hope to foster a community in Renton where everyone has access to our natural environment and where  low-income and BIPOC communities no longer shoulder the burden of environmental harm and degradation.”

WCV selected this year’s endorsed candidates broadly for their commitment to environmental justice principles and values, for their strong advocacy of a livable future for their local communities, and for a passionate embrace of the urgency to address the climate crisis in neighborhoods, towns, cities, and counties. We need local leaders who will fight for bold environmental progress.

Electing these candidates, and all of WCV’s 2021 endorsed candidates, further crystallizes the pillars of the Evergreen Future campaign into Washington’s future. We believe each of our endorsed candidates track records and commitments to an Evergreen Futures ensures a just, equitable, and sustainable future for all Washingtonians

Additional endorsements across Washington include:

  • Rebecca Lewis, County Council District 3, Whatcom County
  • Kim Harless, City Council Position 1, Vancouver
  • Diana Perez, City Council Position 3, Vancouver
  • Danny Herrera and Samuel Johnson in Yakima,
  • Naghmana Sherazi, City Council District 1 Position 2, Spokane
  • Zack Zappone, City Council District 3 Position 2, Spokane
  • Ginger Wireman, City Council Position 4, Richland

For the complete statewide list of Washington Conservation Voters’ 2021 endorsed candidates click here. 


Washington Conservation Voters (WCV) ensures Washington’s decision makers keep our environment protected, healthy, and vibrant. Over the last 40 years, WCV has elected environmental champions, held elected leaders accountable, and built statewide momentum for environmental campaigns through innovative voter outreach efforts and community organizing. Through our work, WCV is committed to making sure all people in Washington state have a healthy environment and a strong, sustainable economy.

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