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WCV endorses Jay Inslee for Governor; Cyrus Habib for Lt. Gov

Washington Conservation Voters announced its first two 2016 statewide endorsements: Jay Inslee for Governor and Cyrus Habib for Lieutenant Governor.

“The governor’s race is our number one priority for 2016,” said Joan Crooks, CEO of Washington Conservation Voters. “Re-electing Governor Inslee will ensure that Washingtonians have a strong environmental advocate championing climate action at all levels of government.”

During Governor Inslee’s first term, he has been a tireless advocate for advancing clean energy and reducing air and water pollution. Notably, in 2014, Governor Inslee signed an Executive Order to keep the state on track to meet statutory greenhouse gas limits and last year, Governor Inslee announced significant action to address global warming by enforcing existing limits on carbon pollution through the Clean Air Rule.

“Washington Conservation Voters has been a strong partner in our efforts to fight climate change and ensure clean air and water for future generations and I am proud to have their endorsement,” said Governor Jay Inslee. “While we are on the front lines of the impacts of climate change here in Washington state, with our ocean, our forests, and our rivers all affected by the rising temperatures, we are also on the front lines of the innovation to respond to it. There is a clean, green, economy growing in our state and I know Washington will rise to this challenge of fighting carbon pollution with the optimism and innovation that has made it great.”

Washington Conservation Voters also announced the endorsement of State Senator Cyrus Habib for Lieutenant Governor.

“Rarely do we get such a field of strong, qualified candidates as we did in this year’s Lieutenant Governor’s race,” said Shannon Murphy, President of Washington Conservation Voters. “However, Senator Cyrus Habib’s plan for the office stands above the rest. During his time in the legislature, he has proven his leadership on environmental issues and willingness to take a stand for climate action in politically tough situations.”

Senator Habib fought to protect the state’s authority to implement a clean fuel standard and against the false choice the Senate Majority set up in last year’s transportation package with a poison pill pitting transit dollars against climate action. As a member of the Energy committees in both the House and the Senate, Habib has been one of the Legislature’s strongest clean energy advocates, fighting rollbacks to I-937, the Citizens’ Clean Energy Initiative.

“I am thrilled to earn the endorsement of Washington Conservation Voters,” said Senator Cyrus Habib. “As Lt. Governor, I will use this important office to champion expansion of renewable energy solutions, investments in transit, a strengthened commitment to cleaning up Puget Sound, and, of course, urgent action to address carbon pollution and climate change. These are critical issues that require statewide leadership. I’m excited to work with WCV and people throughout our state to protect and enhance Washington State’s environment and quality of life. ”

Endorsements from Washington Conservation Voters in other races – including the open seat for commissioner of public lands and legislative seats – will be announced in the weeks to come. View our endorsements page here.

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